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Techniques of Combating Stress Disorder for Ex-Soldiers

Its typical for your body to experience stress when faced with severe trauma as is the case for many soldiers who have gone to war. Distressing thoughts of what they have gone through cloud their minds. Some experience extreme reactions in their emotions and the body. War veterans tend to avoid completely anything that can make them remember what they have gone through in the battlefield. Veterans have a reduced ability to think positive thoughts and thus they usually have foul mood. This can lead them to be quite irritable.

Whenever you interact with soldiers who have left the battlefield you will realize they are fighting mental issues that are unique to them. PTSD is a challenge that weighs much on them as they have been exposed to a difficult situation for a long time. Warriors who have spent many years in the army find it hard to get back to the life of a civilian. The routine of the military system is no longer what they have to experience. Though PTSD affects people in different degrees in their lives, soldiers are the most affected. There are programs meant to assist warriors to heal from emotional distress got when engaging in combat. Programs that focus on helping soldiers overcome PTSD ensure that they familiarize they make them feel welcome and safe during the period of transition as they have suffered immensely during combat.

Veterans are taken through an apprenticeship that gives them skills to engage in different trades. Its necessary to keep them busy all the time.

Whenever the body is engaged in exercises; it releases endorphins which are responsible for happiness. Rhythmic exercises are suitable for people who have PTSD as it makes them concentrate their energies from thinking about traumatizing events. You can transition to civilian life with ease if you engage in social activities.

War veterans need to be trained on what to regulate their nervous system when they feel vulnerable. Train the soldiers on how to control their breath. One should also think of what use to calm you when you were on the battlefield.

Have a network of people who can hang out with you when you need them. Look for friends who give you attention even when you deserve it least. Seek opportunities to volunteer in helping someone who can need your help. Connect with people who are in similar condition as you. You may feel frustrated relating with folks who seem out of touch with your feelings but you have to choose to relate with them as they can offer you the support you need. Its not necessary to talk about what you have gone through if you are not comfortable. Always let people need what you need. Sometimes you need someone to listen to you.

Veterans should be encouraged to care for their bodies. Its vital to take balances diet. Servicemen coming from war should not deprive themselves sleep as this can exacerbate negative emotions. Shower or listen to sweet music to soothe you sleep. You have to resist substance abuse as PTSD can become worse.

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